Congress Topics: Solar Energy

  1. Solar in Buildings
    1. Passive and Low Energy Architecture
    2. Building Energy Analysis
    3. Daylighting
    4. Building-integrated Solar Thermal Systems Including Ground Coupling
    5. Building-integrated PV systems
    6. Building Materials and Components
    7. Passive Cooling
    8. Microclimate
    9. Natural Ventilation
    10. Thermal Comfort and Performance
  2. Sustainability
    1. Integrated Sustainable Design
    2. Sustainable Development
    3. Solar Cities and Communities
    4. Sustainable Energy Systems
  3. Solar Collector Technologies
    1. Flat Plate and Concentrating Solar Collectors
    2. Solar Collector Materials
    3. Optics
    4. Optical Systems for Solar Collectors
  4. PV Technologies, Systems and Applications
    1. Solar Cell Fundamentals
    2. Solar Cell Materials and Manufacturing
    3. Stand-alone and Grid-connected PV Systems
    4. Water Pumping and Other Applications (see also Congress Topics: Water)
    5. Other PV Topics and Hybrid Systems
  5. Solar Thermal Systems and Applications
    1. Solar Hot Water and Thermal Energy Supply
    2. Solar Thermal Electricity
    3. Solar Cooling and Dehumidification
    4. Outer Space Applications
    5. Solar Cooking
    6. Solar Drying
    7. Solar Industrial Process Heat
    8. Solar Pools
    9. Other Solar Thermal Systems and Applications
  6. Indirect Solar Technology Applications
    1. Wind Power and Solar-Wind Hybrids
    2. Biomass Energy Conversion
    3. Small Hydro Power
    4. Ocean Thermal
    5. Ocean Current and Wave Energy Conversion
  7. Energy Storage
    1. Thermal Storage
    2. Electrical Storage
    3. Other
  8. Resource Assessment
    1. Solar Radiation Measurement
    2. Modeling and Estimation
    3. Satellite-based Resource Assessment
    4. Wind, Hydro, Biomass and Ocean Resources
  9. Hydrogen, Fuels and Chemical Processes
    1. Hydrogen Production using Solar, Wind, Biomass and other Renewables
    2. Hydrogen Storage
    3. Fuel Cells
    4. Economic and Environmental Analyses
    5. Alternate Fuels from Renewable Sources
  10. Renewable Energy Policy
    1. International Programs and Collaboration
    2. National and Regional Policies and Programs
    3. Programs and Perspectives from Developing Countries
    4. Environmental Impacts of Energy Systems
    5. Global Climate Change
  11. Marketing Renewable Energy
    1. Social and Economic Issues
    2. Economics, Financing and Life Cycle Analyses
    3. Marketing and Commercialization
  12. Solar Energy Education
    1. K-12 Curricula and Programs
    2. Post-secondary Curricula and Programs
    3. Adult Education and Training
    4. Education and Information Exchange

Congress Topics – The History of Solar Energy and ISES

  1. Intellectual history of solar energy
    1. Solar in myths and religions in different regions of the world
    2. Conceptual ideas of solar energy in ancient science
    3. Modern concepts of solar energy
  2. Solar technologies from ancient civilizations to the industrial revolution
  3. Solar technologies in the 19 th and early 20 th century
    1. Solar energy and its meaning in the context of imperial and/or self sufficiency policies
    2. Lost in the desert: the failure of colonial dreams about solar energy
  4. Politics and policy drivers in solar energy research and use at national and international levels
    1. National government policies and programs
    2. International institutions (United Nations, World Bank, Regional Development Banks, European Union and other regional Institutions) or non-profit organizations
  5. Solar energy, its market introduction and the established science and technology
    1. Market introduction
    2. Integration of solar energy technologies in natural and built environment
    3. Research problems in the context of market introduction and integration
  6. Information about solar energy
    1. Records and archives about solar energy
  7. Congress Topics – Bringing Water to the World

  8. Renewable Energy and Water
    1. Solar Water Disinfection and Purification
    2. Solar Distillation and Desalination
    3. Water Pumping by Renewable Energy
    4. Rainwater Harvesting and Gray Water Utilization
    5. Assessment of Water Resources
    6. Water Supply for Developing Countries
    7. Wetlands Design and Solar Energy
    8. Water Conservation


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