The world history of energy use and technology is essentially the history of solar energy in all its renewable energy forms (for millennia, direct and diffuse solar radiation and its indirect forms of wind energy, hydro, photosynthesis) rather than the history of solar energy in its fossil or geologic forms (only for 200 years, coal, oil, gas) and of the other forms of energy (nuclear, geothermal, tides).

In 1955, AFASE, The Association for Applied Solar Energy, from which ISES had its origin, organized the first AFASE/ISES Symposium on Applied Solar Energy in Arizona . Since then, an international scientific network for solar energy existed.

After 50 years, ISES proposes the History Session on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary to review the use of solar energy in all its renewable forms (direct solar energy, biomass, wind and water power) in the past in order to understand its role for the future.


Call for Papers (link to History Call for Papers)
In the Call for Papers we suggest topics for which we would welcome abstracts. In every section, papers on the material culture of solar energy (solar machines and the pioneers that are intertwined with them) or the events that constructed the fascination of solar energy are especially welcome, as well as papers by First Person Witnesses.

We also encourage submission of abstracts related to solar energy that are not spelled out in the call for papers. There are no restrictions in terms of academic disciplines. The decisive criterion is the likelihood that the papers can make a meaningful contribution to telling stories that have not been told or taking generally known stories and interpreting them in a new way.

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