ISES 2005 Solar World Congress
Bringing Water to the World

Please join the American Solar Energy Society, the International Solar Energy Society and all of the other participating organizations in Orlando, Florida, August 6-12, 2005 as we welcome the ISES Solar World Congress back to the United States. Join leading researchers, scientist, engineers, architects, designers and other renewable energy professionals from around the world at this comprehensive program.

The 2005 Solar World Congress will feature:

In addition:

The 2005 Solar World Congress will take place at:

The Rosen Centre Hotel
9840 International Drive
Orlando, Florida 32819
(800) 800-9840

It's appropriate to hold this special gathering in the heart of the "Sunshine State ." Florida is the home to a thriving solar industry, two nationally renowned solar energy research centers and hundreds of thousands of residents who use solar panels, solar water heating, pool heating and photovoltaic technologies in their homes and businesses that offer solar panels for sale. cost of energy is very competitive and affordable here in Florida.

If your wondering of ways to make significant improvements to the Ecologically Sustainable status of your house, our Sustainable house design is probably just the thing for you. it will provide a summary of ideas for property owners to consider when building a new house, renovating an existing house. Several of these elements can be easily retrofitted to existing houses without undertaking any major building work.

When thinking of solar energy, your thinking of saving safely. When thinking of saving safely your thinking of environment awareness. Everything in the world today are trying to be made to be eco-friendly. ranging from gadgets, planes, phones and cars. During years and years of progress, man have tried their best to be eco-friendly. Small details such using recycled poker chips, to reusable furiniture to natural fiber for staff uniforms and slot machines that are completely biodegradable.

We hope you will join us as we look back at the accomplishments of the past half-century and look ahead to the next 50 years, with a special focus on the challenges of water in our future.